Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A few good fails: epic gif disasters

"Epic fail" gifs are kind of a cheap trick, but let's do some anyway. Fat guy falling through ice. . .

Some of them, you can tell, are kind of staged, but the sincere attempts at outlandish stunts are truly groan-worthy.

Horse fail!

This one looks real, for sure - some rotten little brother.

Real or faked? Could a golf club do this? You decide.

Now who is this - Rita Hayworth or something? I'd say it was staged, but the actor's lunge forward is so panicky that I don't think so (and such a stunt would be too hazardous for a star).

Hamster wheel fail.

Fat guys fall down funnier than thin guys, especially when spinning around on an office chair.

Dog fail!

"But the dog didn't get hurt. . . "

Stump fail! Again, suspicious, because that truck is such an old junker.

I've saved the best 'til last.


  1. Thanks a lot, Margaret. I'm in the library, sitting directly beneath the NO LAUGHING!!!! sign.

  2. I have to admit to prejudice here: the fat guy ones are the best.