Monday, August 19, 2019

Baby Goat Flood at Sunflower Farm

"O lost your mumbet": old people on Facebook

BLOGGER'S NOTE. Am I making fun of "old people" in posting these? I just think they're funny in a silly, whimsical way, hopefully not poking nasty fun at an age group we are ALL going to end up in (if we are so lucky). "O lost your mumbet" is classic, as are the bean comments and profile pictures which are wildly askew. I confess I flounder at the thought of technology and stick to the few vastly-outdated things (like this blog, which was once described as "embarrassing") that I know how to do. I am a desktop person in a Smartphone world. The rest of it, well, cream of corn suits me fine, babies hanging from sunflowers are adorable, and unpleasant granddaughters are a reality which, though I don't want to face it, is comforting to see identified as one of the nastier realities of grandparenthood.