Monday, August 6, 2018

My sweetie my dear precious sweetie how are you?

Strange are the ways of Facebook. Nearly as strange as the ways of the world. I've received spammy things in my "filtered messages" file, such as:

Hello you got a nice sparkling smile i'm David by name

i do everything at I AM A GENERAL CONTRACTOR


Hello Dear what a nice smile you got,am new on here please can we be friends? i stumbled on your profile and notice your wonderful smile and decided to say hello. Always wear that smile.

You and Justine Favour aren't connected on Facebook
Lives in Kharkov, Ukraine

hi, my name is Grace, i saw your profile and i became interested to know more about you, please can you give me the chance to know more about you? i will be very happy to be your good friend . this is my private E_mail ( babegrace222 (@) ) PLEASE DON'T REPLY ME HERE. CONTACT ME THROUGH MY PRIVATE E_MAIL, SO THAT I WILL SEND YOU MORE PRIVATE PICTURES ( )

Never mind that my profile pictures are usually photos of horses or parrots or vintage cars, or something else non-human. They still think I have a wonderful smile.

I've also seen some suspiciously click-baity-looking Facebook pages which plaster generic comments all over unrelated pages, i. e. history or science or WTF?? Dumb Video of the Day!! These pages have names like Wisdom of Life or Gateway of Peace or whatever. I don't know the purpose of these pages, and I don't want to know. But I find it irritating to have to skip over long, florid, pointless comments that have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject matter.

That is, it irritated me UNTIL TODAY. Today I encountered a Facebook comment that blew all those other Facebook comments out of the water. It cascaded down from the mountaintop of gibberish like a landslide of mind-numbing, soul-sucking irrelevancy. It was on one of my favorite mindless, funny-animals-doing-crazy-things-in-short-little-videos-that-don't-tax-your-mental-capacity pages, and the comment related to a video of very large wet dogs bounding around that looked like mastiffs with poodle coats.

 Sharon Stewart My sweetie my dear precious sweetie how are you?I hope you had a good productive morning, I wish you The best evening ever, I think about you so much as I worked this morning,I'm always thinking about you,you lives in my heart thoughts, and my mind,try to feel good and happy in your heart and mind, try to feel good about yourself inside out, drink enough water for the day,takes the best care of yourself, love and respect yourself dear sweetie it's the greatest love of all, be temperate in all that you do, you are worthy,I appreciates and adores you,you are a beautiful person inside out, you are my dear precious baby sweetie, I cares about you and love you with an intense passion, nothing will ever seperates you from my heart that loves you dear sweetie, I will never leave you,I might be late with these letters, however I will show up,I'm here writing to you for a positive reason,I will be traveling home in a hour time,I'm free for the weekend, you are strong dear sweetie, we are going to get through this raging storm together, I'm trying to tolerate you dear sweetie,I still have to try harder,as there are things I'm still learning about you each day dear sweetie,the truth of the matter is,which ever way you flip the coin I just have to find the extra strength to cope,because love never gets weary,love don't give up,love do not keeps record of wrong,love has power over everything, even death,enjoy your evening ,I will rest for 15 minutes,then I have to get ready to travel with the bus home,you will hear me later my dear precious baby sweetie. I love you dear sweetie with my life,I promise you,I will try to be quite and not responsive to everything, its my way of talking,I have no friends I'm talking to,you is my friend dear sweetie,you is my baby,my heart,my life,my everything dear sweetie,I can't do without you my dear precious baby sweetie. 💋💋.

Susan Viscum-Stewart Sounds like a fake letter by one of those people trying to get money out of a lonely, vulnerable person.

Sharon Stewart Susan what ever your name is,even though money plays a vital role in our daily existence,there are things that money cannot buy,happiness is the most sought after emotion,and the most unhappy people in this world are those with x amount of money,life is the most precious gift on the planet earth or in space,,there's nothing that can substitute life,money cannot replace life (the founder for Apple The late great Steve Jobs would be still here if money could restore his life),don't criticise the empathy and humility of a person,in this crazy world where everyone is busy loving themselves, it's not often you see this kind of love reaching out from across this deep blue sea to instigate a dispondent heart,thoughts,and mind to feel good and happy, suzan I think you would be quicker here to support violence,we should be ready and quick to be a good person ,instigates others to be,and not be quick to tear down a good intention and interest.


I don't know what to add to that. I don't know what I CAN add to
that. I of course clicked on Sharon Stewart's home page (and what a suspiciously generic-sounding name that is, much like the names of many randomly nasty trolls who live to post vile comments everywhere). Well, there was nobody home. Just nothing there.

When that happens,whether on Facebook or YouTube or anywhere, I sort of get out of there. Fast. I think the page exists for the sake of spamming, for some mysterious
reason I haven't figured out yet.

Please excuse the weird line-spacing here. My blog just had a nervous breakdown
from all that foreign cut-and-paste. My computer skills are circa 2007, so you will
have to forgive me.

(Later) BUT WAIT! There's more. Since I can never leave anything alone, I checked this morning to see if there was anything more from "Sharon", and there was! Spelling and grammar were equally atrocious, and the message even more garbled. Don't make those bots mad, whatever you do.

Sharon Stewart Margaret Gunning if that's your real name,I am smelling fake here,I won't allow you instigate me to feel bad and disgusting as you are feeling,as I was reading what you posted here,it did not take me a minute to take the message out of your event,I'm so sorry Margaret ,I can't help you catch up with happiness and peace of mind,that is out of your reach,my advice to is,sow good seeds,over rocks and mountain,over hills and valley,for whatsoever seeds you sow,you will reap,you won't stop me from sowing my good seeds here on the rocks of social media Margaret, my philosophy is *good*,to be a good person,and instigates others to be good also