Sunday, July 9, 2017

One man clapping

The second-worst sitcom in human history?

I very vaguely remember this '70s (or '80s?) sitcom, with James Coco working in some dreary office from hell, doing God knows what. The preview has a Dante quality to it, with everyone working in thick, slow-mo, zombie-faced torpor. Coco looks like he wants to commit suicide. The show lasted a few episodes, maybe made it through a season. But it definitely wins the prize for worst opening credits. 

BLOGGER'S INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY! Here is a summary of every episode of Calucci's Department - eleven in all. One can see why it failed, but it failed with such a . . . clunk! The last episode had Calucci on a quest to discover the meaning of his life. It sure wasn't this.

Episode #
Episode Title
Original Airdate
Episode Summary
"The $80 Heist"
September 14, 1973
After the $80 he has collected from staff is stolen, Calucci does some detective work to find the culprit, but becomes a psychoanalyst and peacemaker in the process.
"Calucci, His Brother's Keeper"
September 21, 1973
Gonzalez asks Calucci for $400 after having his life threatened by loan sharks.
"Calucci, the Matchmaker"
September 28, 1973
When Calucci's date with Shirley also involves finding a date for Elaine, he and Gonzalez go to great lengths to find her a date.
"Calucci Goes on a Diet"
October 5, 1973
Calucci's trip to the doctor for stomach pains results in a directive to lose weight, an edict he finds it increasingly difficult to focus on.
"Winners and Losers"
October 12, 1973
After Calucci is told that a member of his office staff must be fired, it becomes an incredibly difficult decision for him.
"The Bloom is Off the Rose"
October 19, 1973
Calucci is upset when he finds out that his secretary and girlfriend, Shirley, once had another man in her life.
"Life is an Anchovy"
November 2, 1973
The office staff is concerned when the usually sour Woods is even grumpier than ever because of problems at home.
"A Mother's Love"
November 9, 1973
When Cosgrove begins to act neurotically, Calucci attempts to diagnose his problems. However, he doesn't count on the prescription for the cure from Cosgrove's mother.
"Gonzalez's Thrill"
November 16, 1973
Confirmed bachelor Gonzalez appears ready to take the plunge into matrimony when he buys an engagement ring after meeting Samantha.
"Calucci and the Chicken or the Egg"
November 23, 1973
Calucci finally gets up the courage to take Shirley home to meet his mother.
"Calucci's Raison D'Etre"
November 30, 1973
Gonzalez decides there must be more to life than the office, setting Calucci off on a soul-searching quest for the meaning of his own.