Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ghomeshi: what once was cool

Strange and sad, and shows how blind we be
when we see
the epitome

of cool
is nothing much but drool.

We kept that parasite within our sight 
and glued ourselves and grew ourselves a spot
(and women sure liked him a lot)

We didn't see old photos of him much
from rocker days
though we sort of heard his group
Bare Naked something? - No,
it was that other one 

though he was Hip, we knew because he told us, 
he sold us on the look 
and forced the Like.

Jian Ghomeshi, Jian Ghomeshi:
this country's got a hangover
your name is on the bottle

we fell for you
sucked up to you
full throttle
full throttle

Little teddies
have big ears
they see too much
and smell the fear
Turn him to the wall
and it will all disappear
close your eyes, girl
and you will see no evil

Oh come host us, host us! - jack up
our national boredom! Your killer smile
dilutes our memories 
of Lester Pearson and Juliette
grey wool socks
and other national traits
Canada the sleeping virgin
is now orgasmic
 drowned in lubrication
a slow hot fudge slide
of seduction

Was there an end to his poses? his suitability?
His male model shine?
His entitled gleam?
His internal spotlight?
The batteries that never ran out?
The vibrator in his larynx
that sent us all into 

And here, let's not forget this! 
It was great at the time.

Great. I, um. I. 

Things change. Do they!
But not the man, the slug on the sidewalk,
the slug in his pants, slimy
the thug with his hands, grasping
the punch
the blackening, the blueing, the pearly smile
the woman now on trial
for being his victim
the man
(if you can call him a man) 
ass-licked, ass-wipened, then kicked back down
and cheered and jeered at, back in the spotlight
 as he walks up the courtroom stairs 


Jian Gomeshi, this is what you look like
after the fall.
I see no glamour here, 
no glisten or gleam,
just the dead eyes of a thug
and those celebrated lips 
compressed into a line. 

Pictures of the back of your head
taken by your former fans
are now trophies of your downfall
they don't even need to see your face 
any old part of you will do.

This was not what he expected
you can see it's killing him
but don't fret over Jian
the man will survive
there is still room
in his mother's basement
and someone will surely take him on
as a security guard
the last remaining video store in Canada
or perhaps he'll open his own 
s & m parlour
it could be quite popular
but you'll have to check your iphones
at the door

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