Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Such a douche


With maddening slowness time drags on! . . . And woman waits!. . . Waits and worries over her upset health.

Seldom does she know that FEAR itself . . . FEAR of an imaginary crisis is the very thing that throws her delicate feminine mechanism out of gear. . . Seldom does she realize that this health-stealing FEAR is the direct result of either timid ignorance or gross neglect of proper marriage hygiene.

She has failed to follow that correct method of feminine antisepsis as endorsed for over 40 years by leading doctors, clinics, hospitals and gynecologists. They have freely recommended the regular and continual use of "Lysol" for feminine health, daintiness, and mental poise.

The "Lysol" method is so simple and easy to follow. . . The results so refreshing and agreeable. . . so safe and effective.

In sharp contrast to certain chlorine-type antiseptics, "Lysol" contains no free caustic alkali to inflame, sear and toughen tender tissues. . . And unlike these chlorine compounds, which lose 95% of their effectiveness in the presence of organic matter, "Lysol" retains its power to destroy germ-life.

Don't be caught again in the grip of "CALENDAR FEAR". . .Practice intimate feminine cleanliness. Use "Lysol". Your druggist has it. Your doctor recommends it. . . One thing more, write for a copy of the new, free "Lysol" booklet, "Marriage Hygiene - the important part it plays in the ideal marriage." You will welcome its trustworthy advice. Please use the coupon.


A brand new book on woman's oldest problem. . . Frank and fearless. . .Contains three leading articles by world-famous women physicians. . .Send today for "Marriage Hygiene - the important part it plays in the ideal marriage".

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