Monday, March 30, 2015

An Easter classic

Though this video is primitive, it does have a certain charm. Saran-wrap-mounted paper eggs descend like curtains, then disappear; hamburgers fly through the air, and at one point, Peter Cottontail walks right out of the screen. We've been enjoying this one ever since Caitlin was little. By the way, it has garnered a quarter of a million views.

"GET ME OUT OF THIS!": an Easter vision of hell

In case I didn't post this before. . .

. . . here it is again. This is one of the most brilliant interpretations of a contemporary piece I've ever heard. A good part of it is improvised. When I first heard Ozone go off-road I wasn't prepared for it, and my first reaction was somewhere between "woah" and "how dare he?". But stay with it. It's the kind of thing Gershwin might have done himself, had his sadistic SS doctors not allowed him to die in agony in his 30s.Some of the playing is so brilliant that you can hear the audience gasping.

I've just listened the spots off this and can't stop listening. Now in checking, I see that I DID post this before and it got next to no views. This is a horrible age, you know? It's all about numbers, and getting attention. It's absolutely dehumanizing. If my posts don't get a certain quota of views, they're no damn good or have to be re-posted. So OK, here it is again, people, and this time LISTEN! It will transform your life for 25 minutes. Aren't you interested in that???