Monday, November 9, 2015

Facebook: yet another riveting post

(Names removed to protect ME. I just cannot figure out why any sane person would discuss this on Facebook!)

     I got sized for new bras over the weekend... because weight fluctuates/moves. I went to a small locally owned lingerie company that sells super nice bras for every size and the new ones are so comfortable... but I only bought 3 because (of course) they're really too expensive to buy more than that at one time. Three bras covers most of my needs, but philosophical question (asked as I fold laundry) how many sizes to the side should I keep as extras? Currently my collection has four different sizes--and the new ones make a fifth... le sigh.

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     The struggle is real. If they are more than a cup size off donate them. Lots of domestic violence shelters really need bras, so that's one way to get rid of them.
    But seriously, by the time I can afford the number of bras I would actually like I've already changed sizes again. I know there are some people out there who are the same size for years but... not me.

     It's been a fortunate life, I've worn the same size bra for 45 years, since I was 20


   I know that feel. I think I went up a cup size every year at Hamp.

  Yep, mind I didn't get my first bra until I was seventeen and then only one.....

   So the theory is you're supposed to have a few so that the elastic can bounce back before the next wear (you don't have to wash bras every time you wear them). Then I like a light one, a dark one, a few pretty ones to make me feel good on silly days, and a strapless one... Which adds up to like 5 or 6 in optimum rotation.
    I bought 10 pairs at half price, $30 each and still have three pairs not yet worn, all colours, satin and Lacey pretty ones, when I wash them I make sure they are washed in a bra bag and are hung by the under length with two soft pressure pegs


  1. Good to know this stuff. I had no idea whom to ask. Thanks!

    1. Remember to use Ivory Snow soap flakes and tepid water to swoosh out your unmentionables.