Thursday, April 9, 2015

Glorious George, part 476: that face

That face, that face, that wonderful face
It shines, it glows, all over the place
And how I love to watch it change expressions
Each look becomes the prize of my possessions.

I love that face, that face, it hmmm, just isn't fair
You must forgive the way that I stare
But never will these eyes behold a sight that could replace
That face, that face, that face.

I see that face, that face, wherever I go
It's here, and it's there, bewitching me so
It's got my crazy heart in such a tangle
It drives me simply wild from any angle.

I love those eyes, those lips, that fabulous smile
He laughs and spring goes right out of style
And oh, the thrill I feel each time my fingers gently trace
That face, that face, that face.

Oh, what a face, that face, it lights up a room
Intoxicates like heady perfume
No painter or photographer could catch it
No rainbow or no sunset ever match it.

Beneath the moon, the stars, ahhh, under the sun
Asleep, or awake it's second to none
What view completes my universe
Transcending time and space
That face, that face, that face.

Oh that face
That face, that face, oh, that face.

Alan Bergman    Lew Spence

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