Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Unborn: full body silicone baby boy

It's getting late, I'm feeling sick, but had to share this with my Beloved Readers. I have been doing a serious study of the squickfest that is the Reborn Doll, but this all-silicone version, quivery, rubbery and virtually transparent, takes the freaking cake. It's called the Full Body Silicone Baby Doll, and it's unlike anything you will ever want to see again.

One might almost be convinced this is a real baby, until she starts bending his arms backwards at a 90-degree angle.

Let's diaper the sweet little son-of-a-gun, so his teeny rubber wee-wee won't keep quivering like that.

Quick! Call Child Protection Services! Silicone baby in trouble!

Hey, lady, listen to me. That baby ain't breathin'. 

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Bonus link!  More pictures of full-body silicone baby dolls. Warning! Don't go alone.

Post-blog thoughts. Like the Grinch, I just had an awful idea. There could only be one way these babies could be manufactured with such eerie, even grotesque realism. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? A cast? A mold? And how would a cast be made? Let's not consider the possibilities. We look at Victorian post-mortem photography with repugnance, and yet it looks like someone is taking a dead baby and making a cast from it, then squirting in a bunch of pink silicone. Often these dolls are "recommended" to bereaved parents as a substitute, but then the possibilities grow even more macabre. Cloning pets is a new industry that is booming, but is that much more extreme than casting babies? The next step will leap across the gap: cloning a dead baby so that the parents receive an exact duplicate of the one that has died.

This idea is much creepier than those tired old stories about dolls coming to life. Even this quivering little homunculus doesn't come anywhere near the horror of a cloned baby.

I feel a short story coming on.

Post-post-blog thoughts: The internet is both great for me and awful for me, for it takes only seconds to find a treasure trove of pictures of my latest obsession. There are people who make a fat living from creating these things. Often it's carefully rationalized: well, men get obsessed with model trains, don't they? Yes, but model trains don't look so lifelike they seem to be ready to cry at any minute.

Come to think of it, there are distinct advantages over a real human being. You have complete control here. This baby does what you want. Period. It never changes. It can become a focal point for all your expectations, all your love. I have already read about marriages breaking up over this, when love for an inanimate mold of silicone supercedes love of a messy, ageing, cranky, needy, "real" human being. Though reborns seem needy, they are not. They can be put aside for years if you want, or taken into the bath with you.

And they never die. This is a real bonus for women who have lost babies. They never die because they were never born, in spite of their weird-sounding name.

I won't get into the weird "extras" some of these have. And I don't want to think about why they are there.

And as a kicker. . .