Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ford and Duffy, Ford and Duffy

PREFACE. For those of you who aren't Canadian. . .


Cuz then you don't have to hear about 
these two hulking politicians
who are always up to no good. 

Do they live in a parallel universe
where fat guys are always in trouble?

Makes me think I'm seeing double. . . 


Look over yonder! What do you see?

These two could almost be brothers.
But they seem to be lacking in brotherly love -
The truth is, they're both just mothers. 

(Do I hear a song coming on?)

Ford and Duffy, Ford and Duffy
When they lie to us they make us huffy,

Duff’s like Rob’s twin brother:
You can’t have one without the other

Ford and Duffy, large and fluffy
Now the voters have all had enough, see!

Always in the papers
We're sick to death of all their capers

Duff has his hand in the cookie jar,
And Ford puffs away on his pipe

No scale can weigh theft and arrogance,
It's such a load of tripe!

Don't you know your freedom's ending,
What's that shadow that you see descending?

It’s the law’s big hammer -
You’ll soon be living in the slammer!