Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The last-chance lizard

 I was going to put a cute poem here, then felt sick and couldn't do it. This lame-o idea was forced upon me by the fact that I am STILL using the "workaround" that Google tells me I must use to put up photos. In other words, my blog STILL isn't fixed.


But I have to admit, I WANT a stuffy of the Geico Gecko. I love the Geico Gecko. Though it's only Tuesday, I think, I've found out a few things about the Geicko Gecko, most of which I won't tell you cuz they're boring and you don't need to kow.

Lies abound when it comes to the Geico Gecko. Some say he represents the Great God Geico, that, you know, mythical creature. Some say he merely represents geckos. This is a Madagascar Day Gecko eating its own young, or else tenderly carrying across the Gobi Desert or wherever they go.
These compact and brightly-colored reptiles serve as tender morsels to reward your pampered cat for doing absolutely nothing.  Better than those catnip-scented sachets.
The first Voice of the Gecko was Kelsey Grammer, a reptile if ever I saw one, but ***I*** don't remember hearing the Geico Gecko talk like that, do you?
Anyway. This whole lame-o post, which I now realize is nevertheless just a little cute anyway, is an experiment in using "workarounds" while the idiots at Google don't work on solving my photo-posting problem on Blogger. They don't work on it because it is bottom priority, if a priority at all.
My prediction? It won't ever be solved. So there you go.

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