Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adele's doppelganger: she's a Lulu!


My separated-at-birth post about Adele and Lulu got me thinking: I haven't heard her one hit (To Sir With Love) for a long time. Though this clip is badly-synched, it does bring home  how startling the resemblance is: a fresh-faced, apple-cheeked, slightly chubby English girl with heavy eye makeup and a "flip" hairdo. Problem is, Lulu didn't win six Grammys at the age of 22, but never mind: she was a big star, if only for a moment, and very much a product of her times. The movie this belongs to is good, by the way, a little cliched but effective: and anything with Sydney Poitier in it can't be all bad.


I heart gifs


Wear your heart on your. . . head?

These photos, taken with my husband's phone, are a tad grainy, but cute!  This was a Valentine's/Grandma's birthday/Grandpa's retirement party dinner combination at Red Robin. The "hats" are Valentine purses I knitted for the girls.  Have a happy!