Monday, May 28, 2012

Just a horse, just a girl. . .

But not just any girl.

 It's the next generation. . .

. . . of horsy little girls.

Ride on, Caitlin!


  1. What is it about horses and girls? My sister was the same way. I wanted to be a cowboy, but my obsession was for the guns, not the horses.

  2. I remember just yearning to have a horse of my own, then actually owning one for a couple of years, then almost losing interest. It shocks me now and HOW I WISH I had kept that horse through high school! I don't know why I didn't, though my parents kept saying it was getting too expensive to board him (and he was getting old, i. e. more vet bills). I had no way of knowing my passion would return many, many years later. When I see Caitlin with shining eyes sitting on a pony, it's as if my dream has been reborn. Interestingly, my niece Lauren also was horse-crazy until she got a horse of her own, then sort of faded on it. The horse turned out to be a bust (never trained, which was why it was such a bargain), so they sold it after a couple of years.

  3. You would enjoy David McClain's blog. He and his wife, Mel, live on a 30-acre spread in Missouri they call Almosta Ranch. He blogs on OS. Here's a link: Unrequited Love