Friday, April 27, 2012

They Found Einstein's Head!

This amigurumi stuff. . . it's fascinating. I'm sneaking up on it slowly, doing it the coward's way (knitting rather than crocheting, and NOT in the round). I'm still waiting for my book, Amigurumi Knits, which is full of all sorts of weird and wonderful, and I hope do-able,projects.

This-here is a rubber chicken Elvis impersonator. No kidding. I guess it's the lips.

(PLEASE NOTE: I did not design, nor have I knitted or crocheted, any of these creations. I display them here as they would be displayed on Google, as fascinating examples of an art form I envy but have not mastered. Badda-boom.)

These guys are so cleverly done that they're self-explanatory. I've always wanted to knit Hitler, but didn't know quite where to begin.

I think they did a particularly good job on Geordie LaForge from Star Trek, right down to the visor.

I wonder if they ever got around to doing Einstein's body.

Not good enough to eat, unless you want a mouthful of fluff, but interesting.

I bow to the cleverness, even genius demonstrated here, especially given the way I'm struggling to do a frog.

The Venus of Willendorf. Most unusual.

The entire cast of Star Wars. Who says you can't crochet Yoda?

And - my personal fave - a wild-looking, hippie Jesus who looks like he has an enormous Groucho moustache, holding projectiles which might be loaves and fishes. I'd buy this guy in a heartbeat.


  1. It would be neat to do an amigurumi self-portrait. Think of all the Jungian profundities, the waves of narcissism alternating with dire self-loathing that would well up inside as you repeatedly stabbed your finger with a crochet hook.

  2. You've just invented a new approach to therapy. Your shingle could read: Gunning's Guantanamo

  3. Is that kind of like that song, you know, "Guan-tana-mera. . ."

    I have a better idea. Do an amigurumi of an editor you hate, and stick it full of pins.

  4. It's where they make the terrorists talk. After enuf pricked fingers your patients would tell you their bank account numbers, I should think.

    How about Melanie? (isn't that the name of the dork who passed on Glass Character?)

  5. I'm trying to think. I didn't save all those photos of her, damn it. They were funny! I don't think it was Melanie. Damn.

  6. BETHANY! But didn't she have a last name? Or was she just sort of a generic Bethany?