Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bunnies from hell

It's Easter. A time of fun. Of frolic. Of hollow chocolate chickens and marshmallow thingies covered with yellow dye.

But something is wrong here. Very wrong. Someone, somewhere must have a horrifying concept of what the Easter Bunny really looks like.  These photos are documented proof.

Little children understand. This isn't really the Easter Bunny. It's a predatory beast who shows no mercy to sweet little girls who only want a few jelly beans to take home with them.

(This experience was permanently stored in the traumatic memory bank.)

The grafted-on head of molded plastic is a nice touch, but where did it come from? And what's that thing in his hand? It's either an explosive device or a 40-pounder of vodka.

I wouldn't bring this thing out at Halloween. I'd burn it. The little girl seems to have given up hope.

NOW IT CAN BE REVEALED: Peter Cottontail's allegiance to the KKK!

Bringing Easter joy to every girl and boy.


  1. I could never get past the bunny laying eggs thing. Still can't.

  2. I thought bunnies laid something else (and it wasn't chocolate). Or other bunnies.