Tuesday, September 17, 2019



STOP grunting and complaining about pains in your back, stiffness in your shoulders and legs, Rheumatism, and other symptoms of old age. Don't drag yourself around as though you had one foot in the grave and the other in the hospital. Get some vim into you. Drive out your pains and aches and restore your vitality by infusing your body with life-giving electricity. 

Why are you slowing up? Because your vitality is lessening, the "steam supply" is lacking. There is not that same generation of electrical heat produced by the combustion of food stuffs in the stomach that you enjoyed when you were thirty. You've got the constitution, but not the power to back it up. You're like a piece of machinery with the steam run low. You wouldn't expect to increase power by simply giving the machinery oil. You'd repair the fault - renew the steam supply. You must do the same with your body. Increase the power, the vitality, by pumping a stream of electricity into your body daily. You can't get that from drugs - they only weaken.

Apply the "Ajax" Battery for an hour while resting, either at night or in the morning; turn on the glowing current of electrical fire, and your nerves and vitals are fed with new power. The "Ajax" Battery will build up your strength, limber up your joints, cure your pains, your stomach, kidney, liver, bowel or bladder troubles; make you immune from weakness. You'll feel like a new man in ten days.

OUR FREE BOOK tells all about the "Ajax" Battery, how it cures and what it costs. It has already enabled thousands to regain perfect health, and will do so for you. If you cannot call for a free test at the office, write for the book at once. It is free, in a plain, sealed envelope.

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