Thursday, August 1, 2019

Moose in the sprinkler

 A cooling moose!

P. S. I feel suddenly compelled to say something about my lack of longer written pieces on this blog. To be honest, at this moment we're going through a family health crisis involving several people - none of us is getting any younger - and this involves multiple trips to the ER and the hospital that I find more than disconcerting, given the fact that the chaos in the ER triggers every bad memory/nerve cell in my body. This on top of not knowing exactly what is going on medically. The wheels grind very slowly, and information is scarce and has to be squeezed out of medical staff at 1:00 in the morning.

I find it's not a very good idea to share  deeply on a blog like this, as people feel uncomfortable with it, and I always wonder if I should have  done that and usually delete it anyway. I don't like those many attention-getting videos that dramatize battles with serious disease, some of which turn out to be total  fraud. My world view is just not very positive now, so I can't share that either. So I try to pass along fun stuff, mostly, because that's what I can do right now while I wait out  some pretty worrying  things. 

Meantime, here's that moose!