Sunday, April 14, 2019

Elizabeth Holmes: Sugar Daddies or dirty old men?

Just when I think I've seen it all. . . I come across yet another snippet of video featuring Elizabeth Holmes in her glory days, before her Theranos empire crumbled in a heap of iniquity. This is a curious bit of business which I made into a gif, featuring that master of charming creepiness, Bill Clinton. I will resist Monica jokes (too easy), but he does seem to be quite taken with the winsome Ms. Holmes. (Don't ask me who that is on the right, but he looks both bored and uncomfortable.)

A closeup. Bill seems barely able to contain himself with excitement that this winsome, blonde young woman has actually accomplished something significant. The incongruous, virtually impossible mixture of blonde cuteness and billions of bucks never fails to bring out the Sugar Daddy in the rich, white, sexually predatory old men Elizabeth magnetically attracted like a bottomless resource.

Here Elizabeth speaks at a conference somewhere, and cracks a lame, dated joke that might have brought the house down in 1982: "Every time there's a glass ceiling, an iron woman is right behind it." But what is interesting is the reaction of the two men sitting on either side of her. Two presumably rich, white, slightly "sugar-ish" old men - just her style.

Head rears back, eyes roll upward, smiles broadly and mutters with a blissful look on his face, "Oh wow." He looks to be minutely blushing.

Rapidly turns his head and opens his mouth, laughs while rocking back and forth, cries "Bravo!", and claps.

Keeps her eyes very wide open except for two slow, flirtatious blinks, smiles prettily with lips wide apart, then bites off the smile by pressing her lips together, shaking her head minutely all the while she is speaking. 


Elizabeth Holmes: vapid