Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Is this the ULTIMATE Elizabeth Holmes gif?

This gif, admittedly slowed way down and somewhat blown up, nevertheless does not mess with or even exaggerate Holmes' bizarre facial expressions. Everyone remarks on those radioactively-luminous blue eyes, the eyes that never blink, which now seem borderline-disturbed, but few mention her very strange habit of tightly pursing her lips after each sentence or even each phrase. At the same time, her eyes open alarmingly, showing the white all around the iris, and a freeze-frame (below) reveals tremendous aggression and even anger. I don't know what this is all about. I've seen psychological analyses of her facial expressions and how they pertain to the sociopathy which allowed her to bleed people dry without batting an eyelash (which she never does anyway). Along with the blinklessness and the tight pursing, which one analyst called a "disgust face", she has the dangerous sanpaku eyes that make the iris look as if it is free-floating in a sea of white. According to observers, she would stare intently at people, hypnotizing them like Marshall Applewhite or some other benighted cult leader, and the amazing thing is, it worked. It mostly worked on doddering old men with too much money, but they turned out to be just what she needed.