Saturday, December 8, 2018

Victorian Christmas Greetings: passing strange

This is a bit of a holdover from last year, but worth repeating. Though it didn't work perfectly, I DID find a way to gif them even if they were wildly different shapes. The strangeness just gets stranger: dead frogs, wet ghosts that look like sheep dogs, rats riding lobsters, dead bluebirds. . . and so on. It runs very fast at one point, but you can still see the festive beetroot and children terrorized by giant dragonflies. NOEL!

Best horse trick ever!

This is just indescribably delightful, and I particularly like the blanket. I've seen horses do this with stuffed animals and balloons (swing them around and around), so it IS something horses do, but it still looks impressive.

Blueberry Delight!

A compressed gif version of one of those cool Internet cooking things. No sound, so please feel free to hum along. Some of these things are more fun to watch than to make.