Friday, September 14, 2018

LaurenZ and me

Weird are the ways of the internet. Weeeeeeeiiiiiirrrrrrd.

For suddenly one day, I saw one of MY videos on a famous YouTuber's channel. I don't  remember how I found out, except that suddenly my views shot up from the usual zero  to something like 800. Wowk!  I didn't know what was going on. Then in the comments, people kept saying they were sent there from "LaurenzSide", which I'm afraid I didn't know from a hole in the ground.

It took a lot of  chasing  down to actually find the video where said LaurenzSide "quoted" my stuff. It was, well, it was weird, but  so were my videos (she actually used bits of THREE of them altogether), and it was kind of a mixed feeling to see someone comment on them, being not quite sure she really liked my videos or just thought  they were quirky and bizarre.

Which, well. . . 

So I did the only thing a non-YouTuber can do. I video'd  her video. I mean, I took my camcorder and made a video of HER video, which included MY video.  So we ended up with a video of a video of a video! It went in a perfect circle.

As a YouTube-channel-having-person (NOT a YouTuber - you have to be doing ads and making money to be that), I know my stuff is pretty much in the public  domain. And yes, I've had a few comments, not always complimentary, but that comes with the territory. In fact, lately I've had a lot more than usual, and so far people have been great. I mean, sweet! These seem like young  girls, but on the internet you never know who they are.

LaurenzSide called me a "sweet woman", and I must confess I have never been called that in my life before. She cautioned her subscribers not  to be "mean" to me. I don' t know where that idea came from (except that it's the internet.)  But no one has been mean, and in fact, so far it's been warm and cozy.

When I get five new subscribers in a week, and four hot-cocoa-and-fuzzy-slippers comments, it makes me think that maybe-just-maybe I'm not doing all this in vain, that somebody actually sees it, that - 

Oh hell no. But I'm going to keep  doing it anyway.