Wednesday, June 27, 2018

No droopy drawers: the Munsingwear Men

Whenever I find a vast trove of ads for Munsingwear men's underwear, it's a happy day. I have sixteen million of them now and am trying to re-format them to fit my little old blog. The homoerotic subtext in these is - well, it's jaw-dropping, though I suppose language was different then. But men didn't talk to other men about their underwear back then.  Men didn't talk to ANYONE about their underwear. Ever.

The reason I made these gifs is that this collection quickly became unmanageable. They bred like homoerotic rabbits. I mean. FORTY ads for Munsingwear underwear, FORTY guys "joshing" each other in highly suggestive language like "maybe YOU should get stuffed"? I had to cut it down some way, and ended up mutilating them in a way which doesn't really do them justice. You just have to read all that delicious dialogue, the long, detailed discussions about stretchy seats, bias cut, leg room and mild vs. firm support. Pouch talk, all of it. But the long, skinny format of these magazine ads is too awkward. I'd thought of dividing up the collection into four parts, and finally thought, fuck that idea! Maybe YOU oughta get stuffed.