Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cook A CHICKEN in a WATERMELON | You Made What?!

Oh all right, so I never tried this, but the idea is intriguing. The chicken is seasoned well and bathed in the sweetish juices of the melon, which kind of shrivels up. I think it would be odd-tasting, but at least it wouldn't be dry.

I've been watching a lot of Emmy Cho lately (the YouTuber emmymadeinjapan)  because her voice is soothing, and her cooking experiments are low-key. She doesn't scream in your face or scratch and claw for "likes", like most YouTubers. I had just about given up on the whole thing, until I found her. I believe she is the best of the best, meaning that (for me) she has redeemed YouTube as something I actually want to spend time on.

I may soon tire of it, however. It's the nature of anything on the internet: initial enthusiasm, ravenous binging, feeling queasy the next day, being "off" whatever-it-is until the next helium-inhalation comes along. It appeals to the shallowness which I have always cherished in myself. Damn sight better than being "deep", which I was accused of for years and years.

"Deep." What does it mean? Boring, probably. I don't even do a lot of cooking now, Bill does most of it and I'm happy with that. 

But as far as YouTube is concerned. . . it's a little sad. I've had my own channel for 8 or 9 years, and hardly get any views, though part of that (at least) is the way YouTube is structuring things now, favoring the monetized/so-called "professional" YouTubers (the ones who really DO scream and shout at you all the time). 

Recently a famous Tuber (whom I'd never heard of) featured a few seconds of one of my odder videos, which I didn't mind at all, but she mentioned rather prominently that "this video had no views. I was the first." She also told her fans, "if you go on this SWEET woman's channel, don't make fun of her, please." I guess the temptation was just so great that she had to mention it.

But on the plus side, quite a few DID go on my channel (and subscribe! I never expected ANYONE to subscribe), and leave comments that were really quite wonderful. 

LaurenzSide is now your number 1 fan :D

laurnzside sent me here and in glad I came

Alrighty so are they merged together or just balanced on top of one another??🤯🤨

Balanced on top of eachother :)

Who’s here from laurenzside


Laurenzside sent me

Congrats! Your biggest fan is a famous youtuber hahah!

I never get any views, so this is nice! I'm glad you like acrobatic trolls.

Woah how did you find that!?

I took two dollar store trolls, popped the hair out and stacked them

LaurenZside is you biggest fan, check out her channel

Laurenzside sent me

LaurenzSide sent me! Love this!!!!!!

The video, like a lot of my stuff, is posted strictly to get screen shots of my trolls. Never mind. This one was almost completely static, but for some reason Laurenzside saw it and wanted an excerpt, which was OK by me.

Unfortunately for them, almost all of my other videos are of goslings by the water and the adventures of my cat Bentley. Only a few are really (and I mean really) weird. They are in there somewhere.

Embedded egg

Some videos are just so strange, so out-of-place that I just have to post them. The fact that I CAN post them (a marvel in itself) sort of makes me assume that it's OK to post them, that I'm not violating some unknown rule of the universe. I'm not making any money off of it, or anything, so it must be OK.

This has to do with a giant egg, so of course I'm interested. Unlike most people, I prefer vertical videos because they fit my old-fashioned format.