Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kirk and Spock: the infamous elevator scene

My mashup/hoedown of the infamous elevator scene from the original Star Trek series (is there any other - ?), which some fans feel is the closest Kirk and Spock ever come to a love scene, or, at very least, a bromance. Since this is made up of tiny gif fragments of a second or two, with various sections sped up, slowed down or reversed (and frames messed with, in some cases), the action isn't 100% smooth, but I'm pretty happy with it. That moment when Kirk and Spock stand poised as if for a kiss is pretty powerful, and the whole thing DOES look sort of homoerotic. 

This thing has so many megabytes or kilobops or whatever-they-are that smoke is coming out of my computer. So, here.

NOTE. If this thing runs slow, let it run through a whole cycle and it should speed up. If it runs at all.