Saturday, December 16, 2017

Poo and piglets!

Not a big pig fan, and I KNOW these little tykes end up as huge porkers (no matter what the dealers say about "a medium-sized dog"). But how can you resist a little alive stuffed animal strutting around on tiny trotters? Having said that, I still think its poop would smell awful.

REALLY bad singers. . . I mean really

And you thought Florence Foster Jenkins was bad? Listen to this. . . (and this, and this). I'm barely scratching the surface of awful opera recordings, singers who aspire to the heights but can barely get out of the starting gate. I'm beginning to realize Jenkins was one of the better bad singers. The saddest is a rendition - or maybe rending - of Carmen by a very drunk soprano who doesn't seem to realize how bad-off she is. Someone should have escorted her out, but instead she made YouTube history, a video which will probably live in infamy. Bad performances never go away any more.