Monday, November 20, 2017


I was going to post old Mothra gifs/videos with these, but why? They are so sublime the way they are. Moths are spookier than butterflies, dustier, furrier, with thicker bodies and legs like one of those exotic, plushy Amazon spiders. I believe these are both cecropia moths, which I had never heard of, though for some reason I was aware of the cecropia beetle. Metamorphosis is a strange thing, and I don't know why anything in nature happens the way it does. Is there a God? Too early in the morning to contemplate such a question (even though it isn't early at all), but it knows how to happen, which sorrows me all the more that we seem to be systematically destroying the natural world. The puzzlement over how this can possibly be, as if it too is just happening all by itself and can't be stopped, dismays me most of all. But the internet asks only that we enjoy these images, even marvel at them, and then get on with our day.

The ruins of happiness

Now I know why some places are considered "haunted" - not just because they look creepy, but because past joy and vibrant life have fled. People see shapes moving about in these places, feel creepiness and cold spots where normal physics has caved in. This does not happen by itself. People leave for all kinds of reasons, but a lot of it (like those abandoned malls popping up everywhere) is financial. These places just don't pay any more, or are out of date or too expensive to keep up. So people move on to some other playground, which in turn will also be abandoned. The human race gobbles through pleasure and resources until it all collapses, wonders what could have happened, then moves on to some newer, finer place to exploit.