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A off-series devoted to the sex


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Romain Duris – 9th Francophone Film Festival of Angoul√™me – Day 6 August 27, 2016. © Coadic Guirec / Bestimage

Interview uncovery of the actor !

Each year, the magazine Les Inrockuptibles features a off-series devoted to the sex. If it is, Stoya is on the cover, the word is also given to the actor Romain Duris. This time, it is not directly a question of a film, but of his work, in Pulp, that brings together his erotic drawings. Sex, he thinks what Roman ?

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Responding in all candor and coolness, daring and discreet actor explains why he likes to draw the body and desire : “I am full of life, I don’t think being an obsessed sexual but I have a lot of desires. So as soon as I draw people kissing, it speaks to me.” He also adds love to draw breasts : “I love the volumes, the shadows, the light, the dark, the contrasts.”

Of course, he also talks about nudity in film, this does not pose any problem if it is to serve the film and the credibility of the story : in Tony Gatlif, “he filmed the life, a purity”, in Cedric Klapisch, which diverts an argument while filming a couple power naked in the streets of Paris : “I’m not going to say to him : ‘I can keep my underpants APC ?'” Romain Duris is fun to think that there should be a preparation before : “Ha ha, but no ! Get naked, it is simply letting go. We are all naked, must stop. The nudity, this is not serious. After that, it’s great that we could play with it. Disapproval, it is sublime that it might be a dream.”

In cinema, naked or not, you’ll find Romain Duris in the thriller black River, in the face of Vincent Cassel, starting in the month of January. Soon, the dad of Luigi will appear in the science-fiction film In the fog with Olga Kurylenko, and All The Money in the World, with Michelle Williams.

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