Friday, September 8, 2017

Animated Facebook covers!

I finally found a way to copy and embed these two animated Facebook covers! I took a shot at making one of these for my own page, but it was too complex. Like a lot of "new" FB features, it may eventually become easier, but then people will post a lot of VERY obnoxious ones (with sound that you won't be able to get away from). 

After months of putting up with it with no choice, FB has just now given me the "option" of seeing my notifications while I'm doing something else. For months they have been popping up in the corner no matter what I am trying to do, and my attempts to get rid of them resulted in disabling my precious Adblocker, so that my son had to re-activate it. So now they ASK me if I want it?? The only way I could get away from it was to say, "Ask me later", which is hardly a "no", is it?

Like a lot of FB videos, this isn't formatted for my blog (I'm still looking for a way to do that), but even with part of it cut off, it's pretty cool to watch. Does it represent The Future?

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