Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Who ARE these people?

How I wish I could find out more about this video and the women in it! I found it on a YouTube channel that has hardly anything on it. The song was featured on a couple of movie soundtracks, including Fargo and Brother, Where Art Thou? It's a traditional tune with many versions, but is believed to originate with slaves in the U. S. south, predating the Civil War. Some say it's about a runaway slave; some say, a runaway mother leaving a child behind. What fascinates me about this version is the rhythmic table-thumping and clapping. I love the joy of these singers, but WHO ARE THEY? This is what is so frustrating about YouTube, and about the internet in general: the fragmentary or non-existent information about things you are fascinated with. 

I did find a name, Cartes sur table (cards on the table), but when I clicked on it I got reams of news videos from somewhere, don't know where but "not here". Nothing else. The name of the channel it was on rings no bells. Mystery. 

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