Monday, February 27, 2017

"Jaw-dropping": Celebrities react to the Oscar screwup

These reactions are unlike anything you'll ever see again (I hope) at the Oscars. People have just realized that the wrong movie was announced as Best Picture (La La Land instead of the real winner, Moonlight). This was jaw-dropping in the most literal sense of the word. Just look at all those open mouths! People seem stunned. Frozen. Hands shoot up to faces. Meryl Streep's eyes bulge out melodramatically. She looks utterly horrified, shocked, as if it were the end of the world. Shirley MacLaine just needs help! Her brother Warren Beatty has just screwed up in front of the whole world (or so everyone claimed - in truth, he was just given the wrong envelope and didn't know how to handle it).

People are comparing this image in particular to a Renaissance painting, one of those group ones where everyone's in a snit about something, or waiting for the Judgement Day, or whatever. Due to my blog limitations, I can't blow it up very much unless I cut it into little pieces:

Here you can truly see where these people's priorities lie, and how ill-prepared they are for anything outside a movie studio, where you can fix a problem with one more take (or gobs of money).

Though these are not an exact match - hey, I don't have THAT much time to spend on this! - and I don't know who the artists are (ditto), you get the idea.
People don't know how ridiculous they look when caught off-guard. I couldn't help but notice that Sammy Davis Jr., the standup comedian and stage actor, handled the wrong-envelope fluff much more smoothly than did his movie star counterparts. These people don't even face audiences except at awards shows. They don't know how to do anything live. 

Warren Beatty has always struck me as looking like a stunned rabbit. He has been so worked-on that you can't tell if he's panic-stricken or not. Maybe he's just being himself. The plastic surgery just hasn't worn very well, as it never does: it all comes unstuck after a while, the nose caves in, the muscles begin to tug and pull unnaturally - or naturally, trying desperately to get the face back to some sort of original shape before death.

ALWAYS FINDING MORE DEPT. Here's perhaps the best group shot I've found:

. . . with this outstanding detail:

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