Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Turkey Song

I lost The Turkey Song for a while and was in a panic about it, but now I've found it again. It wasn't on my YouTube channel. I didn't have one back then. This is from my daughter's YouTube and it's Caitlin's first video. I think she's five or six. I see her now, and she's 13 years old and a young woman and near as tall as I am, and. . . This is one of the many things I try not to think about - that the time has blurred by so fast, and I now find myself in an age group which is sometimes described as "elderly". I hate that term - don't like the term "senior" either, unless pronounced "senor" with a Mexican accent. Don't like "granny", it screams of rocking chair and grey hair in a bun, and NO ONE has that any more, not even women in their 90s! And yet I will gladly take the "senior" discount at Denny's because - one thing that IS typical of me as an elder (not-ly) is that I am extremely cheap. As for the rest of it, that melancholy feeling that life is passing far too quickly and I don't understand most of it and a lot of things are only getting worse, the only thing for it is to hang on for the ride. . . If I stop to think too much of dreams that died, or of things I tried for and tried for that just failed no matter what I did, and the rather pathetic attempts I made to get up and try again, I get very depressed. So as much as I can, I just stay in the day. That's my crest, my escutcheon, my battle-cry: STAY IN THE DAY. Now it's time for me to go to bed.

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