Sunday, March 6, 2016

Warm tip: a literal translation

(The following are instructions for cleaning a Pusheen stuffed animal, which I am thinking of ordering from a Third World vendor. One of my literally-translated gems.)

warm tip]
Maintenance and cleaning method of plush toys
Plush dirty, not easy to clean after washing and easy to curl. A simple method without water.
To the market to buy a bag of large grain of salt (also known as the sun and salt, about 2 kg), home after looking for a clean plastic bag (to be able to
Hold), then take a small amount of Oshio placed in plastic bags, you're going to get rid of inside, the bag mouth department good, began to make
Strong shaking, about 40 times, out of plush toys, the surface sticky salt particle shaking clean, you will find the salt black hair.
Cashmere toys clean a lot of.
This is because the salt itself with a plus or minus, and dirt will have a positive and negative charge, the friction of the friction, the opposite sex, salt
Will the dirt away, the plush toys clean
Will not be lost hair?
Each one is not lost hair, but because the toy is mostly plush fabric, processing will have a lot of floating hair stuck in the above, we send
Before all the workers took it with a vacuum cleaner to suck, but the daily delivery volume is too big, we do not have a bear to suck on a half
Days, so you receive the above number is still possible to have a bit of the hair, as long as the suction or blowing machine with a vacuum cleaner
, also can be outside a good pat on the no, if it is a hair with hand gently pull will fall, and has been falling,
Is not Yo, the hair is not good treatment, floating hair can be dealt with.