Saturday, February 13, 2016

"But it looked OK on paper!"

I promise, some day I WILL do a post on the Winchester Mystery House, which is full of such nonsensical/incomprehensible features as windows built into the floor and staircases that lead nowhere. Meanwhile, these are design fails, like this playground equipment for when you're babysitting a particularly poisonous little brat.

Just waiting for that major derailment!

"Oh, what a beautiful mor - " CLUNK.

I am trying to figure this out. Do you go UP this wheelchair ramp? Or do you go bumping down the stair part first, then - . And how would this work for strollers?

No doubt here - you have to love pain.

Great garage for a flying car, maybe like the one on The Jetsons. Is that their driveway, blocked by a fence, running at right angles to the house? As I look it it, though, it's plain the architect just put the garage on the wrong floor.

This staircase would've made Sarah Winchester proud. Or at least it would have made sense to her. Perhaps the designer went to a seance.

Now this is just wrong.

Little People, Big ATM?  Can't be a drive-through, unless you're lying on your belly on a giant skateboard.

I like this! I do! Trees deserve their own space on (or in) the property.

This one, though, I truly do not get.

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Squid sex

These are so very beautiful! I stumbled upon them while trying to find information about the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. Shows you how you can get side-tracked. Please note, I am merely borrowing these for a brief display and NOT taking credit for their creation. I can't find who made them because they are part of a research project on squid reproduction from Leland Stanford Junior University. Some kid had fun making these late at night! A couple of them aren't working very well, unfortunately. I have no idea how many kilobops these require to bop themselves into being. But sometimes they work, and the ones that do - they are pure art in motion.