Friday, January 1, 2016

Pickle Surprise

These are the things I find in the bottom of the YouTube dustbin. Very drag-queeny stuff, and if I ever wrote anything negative about drag queens I am so sorry now, because there have been some awful repercussions. The point I was trying to make is that I had this friend (no friend of mine now, not after what he did) who was this ultra-stuffy professor with seven or eight degrees, and a much younger boy friend, and he had this negative thing about drag queens because they reminded him of his mother.

And if he didn't like women anyway, which he didn't, or not much, then why dress as one?

These are philosophical arguments only. When I see the joy drag queens evidence, I wonder where my joy has gone sometimes. I can't get that hopped up about shoes. Or anything else.

But I hope you enjoy the strangeness of this, and if not, the brevity of this, for the best videos are always under three minutes, or, even better, under two. Under one minute is the ultimate, for even if it's a total bust, you won't have wasted more than forty-five seconds of your time.

Strawberry Shortcut

This I actually like. I wish I had seen this when I was 25 years old and trying very hard to be a proper wife and mother and do all those Good Housekeeping things and failing miserably at ALL of it, as if anyone noticed or cared. This would have lifted me up, and I might even have tried this dessert, if that's what it is. Whatever else it is, it's certainly a shortcut.

Hippo New Year