Saturday, November 12, 2016

Atheist minister: what the hell is up with Gretta Vosper?

So what do you call a minister who does not  believe in God, the Bible, Jesus, the sacraments, or any of the usual tenets and accoutrements of the Christian church?

Gretta Vosper.

I still can't find any information on whether the United Church of Canada "defrocked" this woman or not, but they should. She never should have been "frocked" to begin with, or at least allowed to practice atheism as a form of Christian ministry. If by chance she is allowed to continue, ordination in a larger sense will mean absolutely nothing.

Such is my view.

Why does it matter? I was a member of the United Church for years and years, a lay minister, and everything revolved around scripture, Jesus, the sacraments. Worship. God. Prayer. Silly us! Now we find the Church has "evolved" and none of that is necessary any more. But if you want to subtract holiness from the mix, why not just go Unitarian?

In this video I sit and ponder what they sing in church (if they call it church now): if not hymns, then maybe "hers"? Warning: my feelings, and my language, are a little strong towards the end.

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