Sunday, September 11, 2016

Just laying on the ground in Iceland

1,000 year-old Viking sword found just laying on the ground in Iceland

SO OKAY, we already know The Vintage News is just the internet replacement for Weekly World News, with its Bat Boy, its 5000-pound man, and its alien abduction of Newt Gingrich. (If they could only come back for Trump!)  Grammatically, it's the worst thing I have ever seen. They appear to have some illiterate community college kid chained to a desk, fuelled by Starbucks or Red Bull or both, cobbling together blobs and swatches from other web sites in a manner which is virtually incoherent.

It's not even worth telling you about this story, the contents of which are self-evident from these photos (hah!). Nerd finds sword, nerd wants sword, nerd has to surrender sword to the Icelandic authorities. End of "storey".

Though the comments are usually equally stupid (and one guy, a regular, always stands up and vociferously defends Hitler, who, after all, was unfairly maligned and a pretty swell guy), they were sort of funny this time. "Laying" was defended by some, since "lying" might not be accurate if the sword was telling the truth. There were lots of joshing remarks about "getting layed", and one that I particularly liked about the Icelandic sword producing eggs on the frozen tundra (or whatever-it-is they have in Iceland).

Then I found this!! I never knew this, but there really are Icelandic chickens, and they are really beautiful. And just like that Icelandic sword, they're just laying on the ground, or else on a nest. Pick one.

Icelandic Chickens
or Íslenskar Hænur
or Íslenska landnámshænan
or Haughænsni

A pair of Icelandic fowl
Photo courtesy of Lyle Behl

Wait, there's more. . .

Just a snippet (any more and I'd gag) of the kind of writing I'm talking about.

"According to the Icelandic law, any archaeological find found on or inside the ground are automatically the property of the Icelandic state. This law has been hailed within the archaeological communities since it has always been a cause of concern among experts around the world. China has been one of the few places on earth with very flexible laws when it comes to Archaeology, recently a hoard of locals attacked and ran-sacked a plethora of ancient artefacts from a canal; there has been a number of such cases of looting the archaeological sites around the world."

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