Monday, August 22, 2016

Poco Car Show 2016: my slide show!

A little gif-slideshow I put together from photos of the car show. Oh GOD how I love old cars! I don't know what it is about them. I get a sort of yearning, a jones for them, even though I don't drive and really have no desire to own one or even work on one.

So, isn't this a much better way to display my photos than just splashing them on the page? In a way, yes. In other ways, not so much. If you want to linger on one of them, you have to wait until it comes around again.

These are not a representative sample of the makes, models and years displayed this year. They're categorized as Ones I Like/ones-that-came-out-OK technically as the sun went in and out and it threatened to rain. A few of them were just shockingly gorgeous, and the grotty black 1927 Model T was a crank job, one of the few I've ever seen.

SO, if you want to see a few of these again. . . just the nicest ones. . .

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