Monday, August 29, 2016

A tribute to Gene Wilder: Young Frankenstein gifs!

We lost Gene Wilder today, and I am pretty much inconsolable. This is all I can think of to do.

These are just a few of my hundred or so fave moments from Young Frankenstein. Everything about this movie worked, and as funny as it is, it's also more romantic than Casablanca ("Taffeta, darling"). But the main reason it worked was its leading man.

Best spit-take in history. 

Masculine in mascara.

"Give my creation. . . LIFE!"

"Three syllables. . . sounds like. . . "


"No matter what happens. . . don't open that door!"

"Abby somebody.  Abby. . .  Normal."

"I love him"

"Put. . . the candle. . . back."

"IT!. . . COULD! . . . WORK!!"

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