Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Whatever happened to that Blue's Clues guy?

Who cares? But he was pretty creepy. I only remember this vaguely from when my grandkids were toddlers, which I call the Poop n' Pampers years. Later, the Poop n' Pull-ups, then the go-sit-on-the-potty-or-I'll-kill-you years, or - etc. etc. The Blues Clues Guy drove me crazy because he shoved his face right into the camera with these big, blank, staring eyes. He's no different now, but I'll spare you the six-minute YouTube update from which I made this gif. The significant thing about the gif is the Amazing Self-Erasing Windowpane! Look closely, and you'll notice the pawprint is actually coming off BEFORE the Blue's Clues guy takes the rag to it. He should have patented this instead of going on to a failed career as a rock musician. Still, he lives in a penthouse in New York, and my guess is some very rich guy is keeping him, and they "do it" to reruns of Blue's Clues. Oh, sorry - that was a really horrible joke, but then, that was a really horrible show. Except for the self-erasing windowpane.

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