Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped


This gif is made up of TWENTY separate images which I photoshopped onto paper, then ran as a gif sequence. Hmmm. I thought the facial  expressions would be more graduated, but they aren't. I really couldn't tell.  It took a while to do this, it was absorbing, but as with all these animations, I have no idea how they will turn out until I actually see them. 

I will admit I like the slower one better, but since these can run at any speed I want, I also did one double-time.

And here are the images! I want to post them one at a time to try to impress you with how much work this was, but the reaction would probably be, "what a stupid thing to spend your time on", or (the same thing, really) "Jeez, I wish I had time to do that sort of stuff." Waste my time on it.

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