Thursday, May 19, 2016

Maisie and Jake!

Before Kellogg's even thought about "plump and juicy" and frosting their unpalatable wrinkled black fruit with sugar, Post had this adorable couple, Maisie and Jake: literally, an animated raisin (presumably plump and juicy) and an animated bran flake. There was a series of ads in the Maisie and Jake mode, but we won't get into that now because these adventures (not featuring Maisie and Jake but bank robberies and such) took a minute and a half, an eternity for people used to seeing ten-second spots. I've extracted only the best parts in these gifs, in which M & J introduce the stories, then give a sort of threefold amen at the end.

The first two gifs look identical, but they're not. In this one, she shows a bit of leg that I couldn't capture with the first one. I like to see attractive, even seductive raisins, don't you? And Maisie rocks it, even with that frilly thing on her head.

I have limitations on my gifs now. Hell, I always have! When I finally find a site I can use and which turns out a good result, it disappears (Gifsforum) or just stops working (Makeagif, now making jerky, useless things). It took four or five years for me to figure out how to make them at all, and now my problem is, they won't RUN if I post too many of them. The most beautiful ones come from my own videos (see Sandhill Cranes at Piper Spit), but these are barely running at all now.  They're just frozen and sort of jerky. I don't know if this applies to everyone who looks at my posts, or just me. My blog is gif-heavy because I can extract a few seconds of arresting (I hope!)  visual imagery out of a long, dull-ish video.

I extracted these treasures from a YouTube series posted by MattThe Saiyan, whose vintage ad compilations I look forward to each day. Yes, he posts a new one EVERY DAY, which is very gratifying for me. I'm used to finding fantastic ad videos dated 2011 or 2012, and the person who made them has probably died by now. Matt hasn't.

I won't get into the absurdity of "plump, juicy" raisins when they are a wrinkled, dessicated, blackish remnant of a fruit. But Maisie comes pretty close. Her head looks more like a fat prune to me, but you'd have to ask Jake. He'd be the only one who knows.

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