Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I can see through anything

Here is Baby See n' Say, a doll who can see through things. Yes, it's true.

This is a one-doll post, because one short gif kind of gives you the idea of this doll's repertoire of facial expressions: jibbering lips and huge, rolling eyes. It's what she SAYS that's horrifying. Her statements start off innocently enough, but grow more and more disturbing, hinting at some sort of creepy supernatural ability - including the capacity to see through things (including you). Would you want to give this thing to a little girl? Unless she was Wednesday Addams, I don't think so.

Baby See n’ Say: what she says

You’re my best friend in the whole world!

You know what? Your eyes are pretty!

I have beautiful eyes ‘cause I eat carrots!

Can you make your eyes go ‘round and ‘round like this?

If I look down like this, I can see my nose!

Wouldn’t it be fun if you were a doll like me?

I can see in the dark. Can you?

If I look way up high, I can see the Man in the Moon!

My eyes are magic. I can see through anything!

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