Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dumbest thing I ever saw on Facebook? We'll see

X-ray of dislocation -12/17/13. MRI showed torn supraspinatus tendon, axial nerve damage, possible tear in labrum but won't know until they operate Jan. 22, 2014

Without any fanfare or explanation, someone posted an x-ray of their dislocated shoulder on Facebook. We don't know why. Even more incredible is the fact that this was re-posted TWO YEARS LATER. We never found out why. To what purpose? To brag about/show off an injury? To get us all thinking just what a dislocated shoulder might mean in philosophical terms (being pulled in different directions - oh my!)? To get attention, do you think? Oooohs and ahhhhs of sympathy (which of course worked)? This is worse than posting pictures of your food, which to me makes about as much sense as posting pictures of your bowel movements. Maybe that's next. How about used surgical sponges? THAT would be nice.

Possible poster? We really don't know. But I want a zipper like that.

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