Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Twinkle Town!


 Extolling the virtues of Twinkle Town glitter glue, one of the indispensible ingredients of Caitlin's Festive Holiday Slime.


Not enough for a new pair of shades


Morgan Freeman film makes just $74 in U.K.



Morgan Freeman. (FayesVision/

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Morgan Freeman's new film Momentum is a late contender for the title of 2015's biggest flop after making just $74 in Britain during its opening weekend.

The thriller, which also stars former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko and The Following's James Purefoy, opened in the U.K. last weekend, but box office figures show it brought in a paltry sum in its first three days in cinemas.

Momentum garnered scathing reviews from critics, who called the film "preposterous", and it earned less than $100 amid reports some theatres failed to register any ticket sales at all.

It also failed to make an impression on the box office chart, and the news will be a blow to Olga, whose former Bond co-star Daniel Craig is riding high on the success of his latest 007 adventure Spectre.

The British actor's fourth outing as Bond broke box office records following its release in the U.K. last month, and spent three weeks at the top of the chart before it was dethroned by the latest film in The Hunger Games franchise.

News of Momentum's dismal performance comes after editors at Forbes magazine named the biggest box office flops of the year.

The top 10 included Johnny Depp's panned comedy Mortdecai, Kristen Stewart's American Ultra, and Chris Hemsworth's hacker thriller Black Hat.

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