Sunday, July 26, 2015

One of the best gifs I've ever seen

Trippy cat gifs: kaleidoscope kitties!

What could be better than a cat gif, you may ask? A cat gif that pulsates with trippy, kaleidoscopic colour! A cat gif that practically gives you a migraine, it's so intense! A cat gif that's - meow. Meow. MEOW! You are in my power!

A cat with death rays coming out of its eyes!

A cat that looks like it could blow up the universe!

Oh yeah man! Now THIS is a cat gif. None of that cute falling-off-the-table shit. This cat doesn't need to do NOTHIN'.

Tie-dye cat, perhaps done with radioactive dye.

We'd better. . . prey.


Strobe cat. Known to cause seizures in the vulnerable.

VERY trippy cat gif! We don't know what it means, but it's trippy.

Mew! Mew! Mew! I'm lookin' at you!

Flying hamburgers in space!

Peanut butter jelly cat!

Tuna Quest: My body is floating through space

Kitty in the sky with pizza

You lookin' at me?

Rock on.

"You had me at hello"

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