Thursday, January 8, 2015

Here to stay is a new bird: Paco, take 2!

Almost camouflaged is Paco, my new, eight-week-old baby lovebird. This bird has been such a delight to be with. She learns so quickly, and is snuggly and trusting. Eats like a little horse.

Paco is known in lovebird parlance as a whiteface blue double violet. The violet aspects show up here more than in normal light, making me think those hues will come out more when she is past the baby stages. Her face will become whiter as well. She loved the little whirr sound of the camera, and didn't mind the flash. A diva in the making!

Mummy is sort of glad she had her hair styled today. 

A bird in the hand. . . poopy, but it washes out. . . 

A bird on the shoulder, where she likes to hang out.

Such a pretty bird!

Tiny little bundle of joy! This is probably the only shot I have of my workspace. Paco has been happy to be with me up here, and I have set up a little table with food and things to chew on. 


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