Thursday, November 6, 2014

Probably God

[Compare Wyatt, “Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind”]

A white doe on the green grass appeared to me, with two golden
horns, between two rivers, in the shade of a laurel, when the sun
was rising in the unripe season.

Her look was so sweet and proud that to follow her I left every
task, like the miser who as he seeks treasure sweetens his trouble
with delight.

"Let no one touch me," she bore written with diamonds and
topazes around her lovely neck. "It has pleased my Caesar to
make me free."

And the sun had already turned at midday; my eyes were tired 
by looking but not sated, when I fell into the water, and she

doe: traditionally sacred to Diana.
two golden horns: corresponding to Laura’s braids.
two Rivers: the Sorgue and the Durance.
"Let no one touch me”: according to Solinus (third century A.D.) three hundred years after Caesar’s death white stags were found with collars inscribed “Noli mc tangere, Caesaris sum” (Do no touch me, I am Caesar’s).
diamonds and topazes: emblems of steadfastness and chastity, respectively.
My Caesar: probably God.