Monday, October 6, 2014

More delicious moments from Why Worry

A great pratfall with obvious sexual connotations. Note that she doesn't get up for a long time. Though he tries to ignore it, she has a certain effect on him that has him reaching for his heart pills.

These two are such a great team, with a dynamic force between them that works perfectly. Jobyna Ralston combines sweetness with intelligence and fire.  Harold has met his match.

He berates her for neglecting her duties, running around in boy's clothes when he should be looking after his health! The argument will soon escalate into something more.

Things are reaching the boiling point. . .

She's had it - had enough of his selfishness, his ridiculous imaginary ills, and she lets him have it. And he likes it.

Some nice stunt work here, which I am sure was NOT done by a double.

The thing about Why Worry is that beneath all that absurdity and comedy and charm, there's a cleverly hidden Lloydian message. This movie is all about a selfish, self-absorbed boy becoming a man. And how does this happen? LOVE! Love is always the motivation in every Harold Lloyd movie, for everything. By the end of the story he actually has a man's job and responsibilities, but when he finds out his wife (Jobyna, of course) has just had a baby, he leaps over the desk and begins to run like crazy to the hospital. Harold is telling us, without laying it on too thick, that it's possible to grow up without losing any of your natural exuberance.

A lesson he must have learned through experience.