Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weird shit late at night

Yes: it's time for an episode (the only episode) of Weird Shit Late at Night. In which a non-cartoonist makes a desperate attempt to screw around with somebody else's animation: i. e., make a gif.

Somebody traced over these girls or something. I think they took a movie and just drew over it. Or something.

This guy is all crumbly and scrunchy like dead leaves, and his features turn into squiggles part of the time. A new technique.

Nobody traced this guy, it is just bad cartooning with his hair seething on top of his head. Like it's about to slide off. The other guy has eyes like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly.

I really hate this one, her hands are in the wrong place and the one who screams reminds me of somebody in a bar you hate but can't escape from, but perhaps those are the people they're tracing. The one with the smudged eyes is my favorite, but she's only on for half a second, or I'd make her a gif all her own. Oh, it might work: I did that with Ali McGraw in the Polaroid Swinger ad where her hair swung past her face for half a second.